..Evelyn Kay | One Sweet Little Girl..

Just a few short weeks ago, Brad and I were highly anticipating the arrival of our new niece or nephew.  Having been told around 9 p.m. that labor was slow going and that another check of progress wouldn’t happen till morning, we were surprised when our phones kept us up through the night.  Just around midnight we received notice that Ashley’s water had broke and that her labor had essentially started on it’s own.

Fast forward to earlier in the day!  Ashley + Derek were suppose to check into the hospital on February 27th at 7 a.m., but due to a busy labor and delivery floor, they pushed it back to 11 a.m.!  At 11 a.m. it quickly became 3 p.m. before they were even able to get her in.  Trying not to get frustrated with the lack of progress her body was making, they gave her a 12 hour sleeping pill at 9 p.m. and said to get some rest!  Well, according to momma, Little Miss Evie had other plans!  Contractions started to come quickly, and after only 5 hours in active labor, and a half hour of pushing, Evelyn Kay Kovalcik made a fast entrance into this world.

Even though Ashley had the epidural and sleeping pill in her system, she still recalls the moment that they held Evelyn up and asked Derek what the gender was!  Derek quickly announced it was a girl!  My precious little girl!

Evelyn made her entrance on February 28th at 4:32 a.m., becoming the first grand daughter amongst 3 boys on Brad’s side of the family!  She weighed in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long!  Everyone was thrilled, and when we received the phone call of her arrival at almost 5 a.m. we were more than ready to meet her!  The most special part for us was to hear that she was being named after Brad + Ashley’s grandma, Evelyn!  Ashley writes, She is named after one of my hero’s and someone I have looked up to since I was young. My grandmother is one of the hardest working people I know and I am so very blessed that I was able to grow up with her so near. I love her incredibly!

That evening we had the opportunity to drive to Michigan, and couldn’t wait to meet our sweet little Evie the next day!  Surprising Ashley + Derek, Brad and I couldn’t wait to get our baby fix in before our own little blessing arrives!  I was so enamored with the awe and love that new daddy Derek had for Eve.  He wouldn’t let her out of his sight and was already keeping tabs on her wherever she was.  Ashley told us, From the moment she was born, he never let her out of his sight, and is SUPER protective already!  That’s a daddy for you!

Ashley says she loves how Evie just melts into her arms.  She went on to say, My favorite thing about Evie is the bond we already have, and how I can feel her relax and calm down in my arms. Its amazing how you can feel the love between us in those instances.  Being a brand new parent to Evie is a full time job, one that’s scary and amazing at the same time. Its scary because we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to take care of her, we are terrified of messing something up.  And of course its so rewarding seeing her growing every day, and how she has bonded completely with Derek and I.  Its amazing the bond you have with this little child immediately.

Her big brother, Denali wasn’t quite sure what was happening at first, and probably wanted her to leave. But I knew after a couple days when I told him to go see his sister, and he threw the ball in her lap, that he knew what she is and already wants her to play with him!  When we got home from the doctors, he didn’t give me kisses first, he shoved his head into her car seat to give Evie kisses with that I now know he loves her.  

So without any more waiting, I give you our sweet little niece Evie!

Derek + Ashley!  We couldn’t be more blessed to call you family!  We are overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving that Evelyn arrived safely and healthy!  I can’t wait to continue to spoil her and to be the best Aunt I can be in her life!  We love you all more than words can say, and I can’t wait to help add another little blessing to our growing family!  Thank you for allowing me to take these few images before we had to dodge the winter blizzard, so glad I had the opportunity to capture her tinyness!  It’s only that way for so long!


love, echo


echoes of love

..Caleb + Sarah | Cooking Up Something Special..

Anymore, time has escaped me.  For this reason, that reason, or another.  Poof!  There it went.  And I didn’t even realize it had gone.  That’s how I felt when I was with Caleb + Sarah!  They are such an easy-going couple that it wasn’t hard to spend a portion of the afternoon with them.  To let them be in an environment that was totally them!  Something relaxing.  Something chill.

Living in San Francisco, there were only a handful of times that they were going to make it back to Dayton prior to their August wedding.  With winter constantly rearing it’s ugly head, they decided that they wanted to do a lifestyle engagement session.  Something that brought both of their personalities into play.  So they chose cooking, some wine, and some of their favorite California beats.  There in the heart of her parent’s home they prepped for calzones.  And all the while, they had no problem with flirting here and there.  A look from him would send her in giggles, and he couldn’t help but kiss her.

In 2006, Caleb + Sarah met at work in Cali.  With being from Ohio, she only expected to be out there for a few years.  Her + Caleb became friends and they enjoyed working on projects together.  They worked so well together.  Maybe it was work and the not wanting to get involved.  Or maybe they both just had wool over their eyes, but somewhere in the mix they realized there was something.  Several years later in 2010, Sarah says, We started dating and everything just clicked.

They enjoyed their time together, even outside of work.  They both love adventure and a good view, and they had no problem traveling to find it.  As we waited for their calzones to brown in the oven, they reminisced about the trips they had taken.  They laughed about the time that they got caught camping in the middle of a huge storm and how although it didn’t turn out as planned, it was one of their favorites!

Then they talked about the proposal.  How Sarah was completely oblivious to what Caleb was trying to tell her.  That she kept peering over the vast view of the Pacific Ocean.  The sun was shining and the wind whipped through her hair.  Caleb was trying to tell her how much he loved her, as she continued to take in the sights, the sounds, and the smells of the gorgeous day.  Then he took her hand at the end of the the Monterey Pier, and caught her eye.  He told her how much he loved her, and how great the time they had already had together.  And then it hit her.  Like a ton of bricks it hit her.  Caleb pulled out the ring and asked her to be his wife.  To be with him in one step, in one beat forever.  She was so excited as she hugged him, and told him yes!

Stepping back, I let them talk.  They smiled at one another.  A sweet smile of remembrance.  I let them sip on the wine that they were enjoying as the smell from the kitchen leaked into the dining room.  Then the timer went off, and they were instantly reminded that there was some food spoils to enjoy!  They went on with the rest of the afternoon, and needless to say it didn’t get any less fun!  They ended their afternoon with a perfectly good little snow fight in the backyard!  You know, the white stuff that doesn’t appear in San Fran!

Caleb + Sarah, thank you so much for allowing me to come enjoy a Sunday afternoon with you.  To taste in the amazing dish you guys cooked up, and to celebrate all the good news that was to celebrate!  Here is to wine, cooking, and a good time!  I’m very much looking forward to your August wedding and I know that it’s going to be an absolutely beautiful one with the two of you in the midst of it!  Blessings from now until then!


love, echo


echoes of love

..Maddex Robert | They Knew It Was a Boy..

You may remember a few months back I shared Matt + Ami’s ..Maternity Session.., and how in awe and wonder they were that they were about to become parents.  How they couldn’t believe that God works the way that he does to create a human being so perfectly.  So matchless.

Matt + Ami finally have their little wonder.  In arms.  Maddex Robert was born on January 10th at 4:01 p.m.!  He weighed in at 9 lbs. 4 oz. and 21 inches long.  Ami wrote, I had tears streaming down my face, and Matt was grinning from ear to ear.  Finally after 9 months, Baby Mo, I mean Maddex, was here. HOLY COW!!!! We were parents!  Our world was instantly changed, love filled the room so full that it was amazing to breath it in.  I knew in that moment that Maddex was loved more than anything by Matt and I. And I thought of how much God loved him, even as he was in the womb. WOW (breath taking)!  This baby is loved!

In a routine appointment on January 3rd, after quite a bit of growth, Matt + Ami’s doctor suggested an ultrasound to take a look at their little babe.  On January 8th they went in for their ultrasound only to find out that sweet Baby Mo was measuring approximately 9 lbs. 6 oz.!  With my size, Baby Mo’s size and the residual issues I was having from the car accident in October, we were given the option between induction and a C-section by the end of the week.  Baby Mo was coming into this world one way or the other.  After chatting amongst themselves for a few minutes, they decided to go with a C-section and scheduled themselves for January 10th at 3 p.m.!

To ease some of the anxiety that was beginning to emerge, Matt + Ami asked the nurses and doctors to place bets on the gender and size of Baby Mo.  Most bet Baby Mo was a boy EXCEPT our OB.  Matt and I were convinced Baby Mo was a boy from early on, so we looked at each other nervously. Our doctor as thought the baby would top 10 pounds.  Luckily she was wrong on both accounts… Baby Mo now is known as Maddex and was definitely not a girl.  Our hunches were correct!!!

Shortly after Maddex made his entry into the world, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph this sweet little bundle.  He was so precious, so cute, and for goodness sake’s I. Can’t. Wait. to meet my baby!!  {Only 8 more weeks, give or take for me…}  Honestly though, nothing can fill a heart more than holding a baby that was made in the image of God.  I’m so overjoyed to know that Matt + Ami understand that, and that they give all glory to him for Maddex!

Ami gushes, I love when he’s sleeping and I can just stare at him.  His perfect little angel face takes my breath away.  And I love his eyelashes.  They are amazing.  He was born with eyelashes.  How does that happen?  God created him so perfectly that he was born with eyelashes!!  So delicate and tiny and perfect.  That is no a coincidence, that is Intelligent Design.  Matt says, I love his innocence.  He loves to snuggle with Maddex curled up on his chest, and the best part is when Maddex snuggles up under his chin.  Ami confesses, That makes the world melt away, and it melts my heart.

In our time together, Maddex was a champ!!  I hope you get to enjoy this adorable little man that Matt, Ami, + God created.  He is a cutie!

Matt, Ami, + Maddex, thank you so much for asking me to be apart of this special moment in your lives!!  It’s hard to believe that I photographed your wedding only two short years ago and now you have started your family!  What a beautiful addition and I am so ecstatic for you!!  May you have strength on days where you need it the mos,t and that God gives you both the knowledge and wisdom you need to raise Mr. little man Maddex.  I pray that he becomes the godly man that he is called to be through your teachings.  Many blessings to the both of you and congratulations once again!


love, echo




echoes of love

..Matt + Lynn | A Winter Sunshine Wedding..

After the beautiful ceremony, we finished up a few portraits in Matt + Lynn’s gorgeous church!  The bridal party was already gearing up for a great time and they loaded up on the party bus!!  We then headed out into the windy, very cold day where the new couple was ready to break forth and celebrate their new life together.  We went to a family friend’s little farm to get some portraits with some barns and log cabins on the property.  What a charming little spot!  We realized very quickly that the wind whipping across the open field was not our friend, and proved to be bone chilling for the ladies.  We used the cabin to find warmth and Aaron and I moved as quickly as creatively possible with camera and video to keep everyone happy and warm!!

Usually I save the bride and groom for last so that the bridal party can enjoy the party bus, but it was so frigid that I made the guys hang out all the way to the end.  They were good with it, after all they had a tux coat on that Lynn didn’t.  Even though it felt like the air just went right through you as if  you didn’t exist, Matt + Lynn were awesome sports!!  It wasn’t hard to keep them close, and it certainly wasn’t hard for them to love on one another.  Matt was enamored.  The happiness was just painted across his face and he could do nothing more than continue to kiss the woman he could now officially call his wife.  The wind continued to take Lynn’s veil and some magical moments began to unfold as the sun streamed into my camera.  The sun flare that came as a result was more than perfect.  It reflected exactly the warmth that their hearts were feeling.

We moved on to the reception and Matt + Lynn wrapped up their night in sweet wonderland fashion!  The tables danced with turquoise table runners and sparkling centerpieces of candles, white trees, and silver ornaments.  The head table backdrop was adorned with hanging jewels, uplighting, and swag, which looked fabulous.  The elegant cake stood in the middle of the room and was decorated with turquoise ribbon, jewels, and swirls.  Everything came together so nicely, and all it needed was a party.  And believe me when I say, they were ready for a party!  After introductions, the cake cutting, and two heartfelt toasts by the sister of the bride and the brother of the groom, the room began to light up.  Formal dances had just finished and the dance floor became electric.  A magnet to everyone ready and willing to have a good time.  For Matt + Lynn, the day couldn’t have gotten any better.  Their day was real.  They were each other’s other.

Matt + Lynn, thank you so much for having me join you on your super special day.  What sweet memories you have made and such a special way to start your life together!!  Thank you so much for hanging in there with me and everything that had/has been happening with both of my Grandma’s!  I wish you both nothing but absolute happiness from now until the end of your lives.  You’ve found each other, have made each other, and will always be there for one another!  Remember those long walks, and let these images always bring you together when things of this world try to pull you apart!  Blessings and love always!


love, echo


echoes of love

Lisa Lindeman - February 12, 2014 - 9:59 am

A beautiful couple makes a magical day and that is what it was.

..Matt + Lynn | A Cherished Wedding..

Winter is often known as a dreary time, one where blue skies are covered in clouds and the light is barely peeking through.  That wasn’t the case for Matt + Lynn’s big day!!  The sun was out and although it didn’t help warm much of anything up, it at least brought a different perspective to the ‘normal’ Ohio winter wedding.

Lynn greeted me at her parent’s doorstep, ready for me to start, she was so excited!  I wish I could have captured her spirit in a bottle and given it to them for all time.  She led me into the living room where her stunning dress hung.  I dropped everything to the floor just so I could go look at it.  The tiny frame that hung from the Mrs. Elwer hanger was beautifully adorned with lace and a flower beaded sash.  I. could. not. wait. to see her in it!!

After some last minute touches, preparation, and her ladies in waiting getting dressed, it was time.  It was her time!!  Stepping into the gown where her toes found the familiar carpet on the ground, one leg in, then the other.  The dress came up and just like I was her best friend, behind the camera I had tears in my eyes.  She was so beautiful.  So radiant.  So happy.  She wasn’t even to Matt yet and her spirit and demeanor said it all.

When we arrived at Matt’s house, he was much the same.  Very excited to see us!!  Him and his guys rallied around each other, ties were being straightened, vests were going on, and cheerful laughter filled the room.  Right before we left, Matt left his video message for Lynn, and even their dog Charlie had to say hi.

At the church, guests were beginning to pour in the front doors.  As they were seated, they were greeted by the most gorgeous architecture and the faint smell of the red and white poinsettias.  A quiet whisper amongst family and friends filled the pews and they filled so quickly.  Row by row, smile after smile, all ready for the ceremony to begin.  Matt was in the back and he couldn’t wait to see his bride.  The ladies hid in the choir loft and looked on, Lynn getting more anxious to see her groom.

When it was time, Matt emerged. Nervous. Excited.  And when those doors revealed his wife-to-be dressed in the most gorgeous gown he had ever seen her in, he was brought to tears.  Sweet, sweet, tears.  As Lynn watched her Dad hug Matt, all of them crying, she knew even more that she had picked a good man.  One who cherished her.  One that was going to love her for all time. One that was going to protect and take care of her.  Till death do them part.

They entered into the marriage ceremony as two separate people, two separate hearts.  As they said their vows, exchanged rings, and lit their unity candle, they became one.  God now saw them as one.  One, together in Christ.  How much sweeter can it get?  To witness something so beautiful!  Matt + Lynn are now one!

Matt + Lynn,  thank you so much for allowing me to be with you on your wedding day.  To tell your story and capture it in a light that you both understand so clearly.  I pray that your marriage stays just as strong as it was on this day.  Many blessings to you and your future together!!  Part II coming next week!!


love, echo



echoes of love

Lisa Lindeman - February 12, 2014 - 10:01 am

My daughter found the perfect one and it shows in these amazing photographs. BEAUTIFUL!

f a c e b o o k
c l i e n t   l o v e